Joining the AHRA is EASY!
How to Join:
Send your Name, Address, Phone, Email, Along with your ARBA Numbers* & Age of Youth applicants to:

Errean Kratochvil, Sec/Treas
7715 Callan Ct.
New Port Richey, FL 34654

Be sure to Include appropriate Fees:
Adult                       $10, 1yr.                      $25, 3yr.
Youth                      $8, 1yr.                      $20, 3yrs.
H&W/Family  $12, 1yr.                      $30, 3yrs.

*Note, you do not have to be an ARBA member to join
Included with your membership is a Memberhips Card, a subscription to "The Himmie News" (The AHRA's Bi-Monthly newsletter). With your membership you will also be able to participate in AHRA Sweestakes competition.
See Sweepstakes Rules
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