Himalayan Hall of Fame

At the National ARBA Convention in 1987, the establishment of a Himalayan Hall of Fame was passed by our membership. Its purpose is to recognize those Himalayans that have achieved Grand Champion status, as well as their breeders and owners. In addition it is a fund raiser to increase the AHRA general operational fund to help defray our major expenses.

Rules and Entry Information
1) Payment of $2.00 per Himalayan, payable to AHRA.
2) Photo copy of Grand Champion Certificate.
3) Print name of Himalayan.
4) Print the sex and color.
5) Birth date of rabbit.
6) Print name of person who bred the rabbit.
7) Print name of owner of rabbit.
8) Print address of owner.
9) Any BEST-IN-SHOW or RESERVE-IN-SHOW, name of show, date of show, location.
10) The AHRA will acknowledge participation in the program by a certificate duplicate.
11) The AHRA will list one time only the name of the Grand Champion Himalayan, its breeder and owner in "The Himmie News."
12) The AHRA will keep two record books. One for Grand Champion Bucks and one for Grand Champion Does.
13) Proceeds of this program will go into the AHRA general operational fund.
14) You may send a picture of your Grand Champion Himalayan and it will become the property of the AHRA.

Send all information required to:
Himalayan Hall of Fame
Mr. Ron Smelt
3311 E Kirkwood Ave
Orange, CA 92869-5211
Email for more info at: alexron@aol.com