History on the Blues

(Condensed from an Article about Blue Himalayans by Carl "Eli" Shepherd)

Let the records on Himalayans reveal that Black Himalayans are the only naturally occurring variety.

Other Varieties (colors) have been created by crossbreeding other breeds of rabbits to create the desired variety or color. The 2nd Variety of Himalayans were Blues. There are no accurate records on who or how the first Blue Himalayans were developed. Breeders in England worked for many years to create Blue Himalayans with many problems to attempt to correct to achieve the true Himalayan type on Blues. Their progress on Blues is very vague.

What we do know is Blue Himalayans were accepted at Tampa, Florida, on October 30th, 1962 by AHRA members. Only four AHRA members were present at this meeting. A motion by R. Hanson, that the Blue Himalayan be accepted  by AHRA. Motion was seconded by Francis Riffle. And from that day on we have had Blue Himalayans as our second variety.

Interest in Blue Himalayans was not very strong for many years. A few dedicated breeders kept Blues alive. Blues were very scarce and very seldom seen in many parts of the United States.

Was reported that Don Lovejoy imported a pair of Blue Seniors and a Blue Junior Doe from England in 1963.  No one seems to have any information on these imported blue Himalayans. A 1976 Himmie News stated that Diane Ford of California was to try for a Blue Himmie by crossing a Blue Havana doe. No records on how this venture turned out. Over the years there were several breeders who opposed the Blue variety very strongly.  Especially one long time, well known breeder from Maryland. Lack of interest in Blues and a few breeders opposed to the Blue variety. A proposal was put to the AHRA membership to eliminate Blues as  a variety of Himalayans in the early 1980's. This vote was very close. Blues survived only by a few votes. The Blue variety survived mainly due to the efforts of Ron Smelt of California. Due to Ron Smelt's efforts to save the Blue Variety...

...Two additional varieties of Himalayans have been introduced by Ron Smelt of California. Which are Chocolate and Lilac marked Himalayans.